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Products > Reelwood Demo Discs > > Reelwood 3D Blu-ray Demo Disc 2014
Reelwood 3D Blu-ray Demo Disc 2014
Product name : Reelwood 3D Blu-ray Demo Disc 2014
Product No. : 20175984252
Price : 25USD
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Offerer: Reelwood&AVS Forum
H.264 AVC 3D/DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 
01:20:00 | 20GB| 1080P/3D Bru-ray Disc 
Region code: A,B,C
Note: It is a BD-R copy.

Welcome- dts IMAX Reelwood
Star Trek into Darkness
Metallica Through The Never
Kung Fu Panda
Legend Of The Guardians
Pacific Rim
Iron Man 3
Oz The Great And Powerful
Guardians Of The Galaxy
Katy Perry Wide Awake
The Amazing Spider-man
Madagascar 3
Top Gun
Grand Canyon
The Hobbit Desalation Of Smaug
Transformers: Dark Of The Moon
Monsters Vs Aliens
Thor The Dark World
Men In Black 3
Man Of Steel
The Art Of Flight
Dredd 3D
Toy Story 3
Doctor Who
The Avengers
Kylie- Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Jurassic Park
Star Wars The Phantom Menace
Despicable Me
300 Rise Of An Empire
Michael Jackson's Thriller
The Wizard Of Oz
Wrath Of The Titans
Need For Speed
Foo Fighters Walk
The Lego Movie
Get A Horse
The Amazing Spider-man 2
Captain America The Winter Soldier
Life Of Pi
Jackass 3D
Bjork Wanderlust*
Edge Of Tomorrow*
X-men Days Of Future Past*
Disney 3D*


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